Working While Disabled in Las Vegas, NV

Can I Work While Disabled?

Like most people, you desire to be gainfully employed, but with a disability, that can be downright impossible and by what means do you live on in the meantime? You may be concerned that if you work while waiting for approval of your disability application or after you start receiving benefits, that your payment can be affected. You are not alone! Many people are concerned with that same issue. We have been helping people for over two decades get the benefits they are entitled to, and if possible, get back into the workforce.

The truth is that Social Security Disability recipients are allowed to receive some income while they are disabled. It is, however, limited.

We recommend that you contact one of our experienced Las Vegas Social Security representatives at Disability Action Advocates as soon as possible. Let us put our skill and background to work for you.

When Can Working Affect Your Claim?

There are two-time frames when the issue of working while disabled can either negatively or positively affect your claim: Before your claim is approved and after your claim has been awarded.

For example, when trying to work while going through the Social Security Disability process, the negative is you may find due to your disability, you just can’t do it. The positive is this will add supportive documentation that shows your need for disability benefits. However, proving that you can hold down a job despite your disability, is a tremendous accomplishment. Even after you have received benefits, you may still be able to work due to the Social Security Administration's trial work period where you will be able to see if you can re-enter the workplace.

Payments will not be affected under the following conditions:

  • When you have worked fewer than 9 months, non-consecutively
  • If your monthly income is less than $850

Beyond these two exceptions, there are numerous conditions regarding the receipt of income while disabled that the Social Security Administration imposes on benefit recipients. These conditions can be complicated and difficult to understand and are most effectively addressed by an attorney experienced in Social Security law.

Legal Assistance with Your Disability Needs

Please be aware that with any conditions outside those mentioned above, the Social Security Administration will eventually catch up with you to collect compensation for an overpayment that has been made to you. Our Las Vegas legal team is skilled in the law and focus exclusively on Social Security Disability and supplemental security income issues.

If you have questions regarding this very important matter, we can help. At Disability Action Advocates, we have represented countless clients over the past 20 years who were in situations similar to yours. We are interested in talking with you about this issue and urge you to contact an experienced lawyer today. Let us review your circumstances and get started helping you contribute to society as best you can while still retaining the disability payments to which you are entitled.

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