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Working While Disabled

Can I Work While Disabled?

If you are like most people, you want to work. You may be concerned, however, that if you work while waiting for approval of your disability application or after you start receiving benefits, that your payment will be affected. You are not alone! Many people are concerned with the same issues and come to us for answers. We have been helping people for 20 years both with getting the benefits that they are entitled to and with getting back into the workforce. We recommend that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Allow us to answer your questions and put our years of skill and background to work in your case.

Social Security Disability Claims

There are two time periods when the issue of working while disabled comes up: before your claim is approved and after your claim has been awarded. If you are completing the Social Security Disability process and you try to work, only to find that you are not successful due to your disability, this will only add to the documentation that says you need disability benefits. On the other hand, proving that in spite of your disability you can hold down a job is a tremendous accomplishment. Working after you have been awarded benefits is also possible due to the Social Security Administration allowing disability recipients a trial work period to see if they are able to re-enter the workplace. Payments are not affected under these conditions:

  • Working less than nine non-consecutive months
  • Monthly income averaging less than $900

Please be aware that if the above conditions are not met, the SSA will eventually catch up with you and demand compensation for any overpayments that have been made to you. Our attorneys are especially skilled in the area of social security law and in fact only take Social Security Disability and supplemental security income cases. Please schedule your free consultation with us immediately.