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Las Vegas Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Programs

When you have suffered a serious injury or are ill and can no longer work, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. Anyone who has been employed and paid taxes has helped to fund the Social Security Disability program and is therefore eligible to receive benefits under certain conditions. In order to find out if you qualify, you should contact a Las Vegas Social Security Disability lawyer that has experience and knowledge in this area of law. Our firm has 20 years of experience helping clients to obtain benefits, and we can offer you a no-cost consultation in order to review your case.

Disability Action Advocates is an AV® rated firm who has helped to successfully win thousands of cases for our clients. Best of all, we charge no upfront fee and will collect only if we win your case. Over 9.8 million people throughout the United States received disability benefits in 2011, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration. Out of the total number of disabled beneficiaries that received awards, over 89% went to disabled workers. Workers make up for 87.5% of the disabled beneficiaries in our country, and the average age represented was 53.

Navigating the Application Process

In order to correctly begin the application process, you need the help of our firm to avoid the pitfalls that can result in a denial. No doctor letter is required to allow us to begin the paperwork that will get your case moving forward within the Social Security Administration. We take pride in getting your Social Security claim approved. We assist in obtaining SSI benefits as well as Social Security Disability insurance benefits to those who are disabled. This can any type of professional.

Navigating the Social Security system may seem impossible. Not only does it take considerable time, but if you are not familiar with the Social Security Disability process, you could face a denial of your claim. The denial rates for most people who file on their own is more than 60%. Without knowledge of proper filing procedures and the appeals and hearings process, you may feel you have no hope of ever getting the benefits you deserve.

Our firm is very well versed in helping those denied SSD benefits and in how best to go about appealing the claim. We can represent you at your disability hearing and can expedite your hearing so that you do not suffer further delays in receiving compensation. We understand how long claim waiting times can be. Sometimes it takes months to move through the system. We will keep you informed of your case by checking the status of your claim on a regular basis and pushing for a speedy resolution.

Las Vegas Social Security Disability Lawyer: Providing Qualified Legal Assistance

Our firm helps those seeking supplemental security income, which provided another source of income for approximately 20% of disabled U.S. workers in 2011. It is important to keep in mind that benefits can also be terminated, and 653,877 disabled workers were cut off from receiving benefits in 2011 alone. If you have suffered a long term disability and are not receiving the lasting benefits you need, call our firm for the compassionate help and protection you deserve. Here at Disability Action Advocates, we handle cases involving divorced spouse benefits, and disability for children. While the majority of those receiving disability benefits are elderly and over the age of 65, we value the importance of representing disabled children.

In addition to this, we are ready to provide you with the legal assistance needed in cases involving warrants, grid eligibility, taxes, cost of living adjustment, working while disabled, and receiving income while disabled. Our firm will also help you with Medicare and how to apply, Medicaid, assist in replacing a Social Security card, or request a job history summary. You may also be eligible for the compassionate allowance program, depending on the nature of your illness or injury and whether it is listed in the common medical conditions list provided by the SSA. When you are ill or injured, you need to be able to count on receiving your Social Security benefits. Let our team aggressively work for you in pursuing the benefits you deserve, and contact a Las Vegas Social Security Disability lawyer from our firm today.

Your Road to Results

Our focus is helping you qualify and obtain benefits for social security disability. We will walk you through the process from the very beginning to ensure that we get you the treatment and benefits you deserve. Watch our helpful videos to learn more about who we are and how we can help!

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