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Expediting Your Hearing

Expediting Your SSDI Claim Hearing

For 20 years, Disability Action Advocates has helped thousands of clients win their Social Security Disability cases. Many clients over the years have asked us if expedited hearings are possible. There are some cases when the Social Security Administration will allow an expedited hearing, but usually only in the direst of situations. Utilizing the experience of a qualified lawyer can automatically help you in reducing the time it takes to receive benefits. When your claim is presented correctly the first time, it can significantly cut down on delays.

A dire need case would involve an individual facing immediate threats to their health and safety. Usually, a claimant needs to be at least 55 years of age to receive an expedited hearing. Sometimes those facing eviction or foreclosure can get their hearing expedited, as well as some military service casualty cases. Assistance from a local congressman or senator can also potentially influence the SSA in expediting the process. Still, even in these various cases, expedited hearings are rare. We can ensure all of your necessary paperwork is gathered and presented correctly to help you receive benefits.

Trusted Legal Help for SSDI Hearings

If you believe you qualify for an expedited hearing, we can guide you in maximizing your chances of success. The firm will pursue your claim process with resolve, and do everything within our power to lessen the financial burden you face. You can take confidence in being represented by a group that truly understands all aspects of disability claims. Call us today for a free consultation.