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Disability Hearing

Importance of a Disability Hearing

Usually, you need to attend a disability hearing before an administrative law judge in order to be awarded Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Being represented by a lawyer will give you the best chance at receiving those benefits. Disability Action Advocates can carefully prepare your case with considerable attention to even the smallest detail that could affect your claim. In order to receive a hearing in the first place, your records have to be presented with the "correct" language from your physician, or the case will likely be denied. At DAA, we are aware of all the pitfalls that can occur along the way towards receiving disability, and with our guidance they can be avoided.

SSD Hearing Process

The hearing will be in a conference room, it will be recorded, and it may in fact be a video conference with the judge. A vocational expert and possibly a medical expert will be present to offer testimony as to your suitability for benefits. We can cross-examine these experts on your behalf. We will also ensure that your medical records are entirely up to date at the hearing. If the judge requests an opening statement we can assist you with one. We will guide you during the proceedings to present your case favorably to the judge. After the hearing, you can expect to receive the judge's decision in one to three months.

Obtaining Proper Legal Representation

Choosing the right lawyer to represent you in a disability hearing is extremely important, and can greatly influence your results. Even if your claim is denied the first time, DAA can promptly help you set up a successful appeal. Remember, we do not charge a fee until we win your case. We will make sure you receive outstanding service throughout the process by putting our extensive experience to work for you.