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What Do Social Security Disability Benefits Pay For?

Social security disability benefits can help you cover your expenses in the event that you become disabled and are unable to work. These benefits are calculated based on your average lifetime earnings before you were disabled. These benefit payments are intended to cover your medical and living expenses as a replacement for your previously earned income.

You are eligible for social security disability benefits after you have been disabled for 5 months, and have worked for at least 5 years out of the past 10 years. The requirements can be less stringent for older and younger workers, but they are typically the strictest for workers who are in their 30s and 40s. The payments will continue until your condition has improved enough to allow you to rejoin the workforce in some capacity. If you are still receiving disability benefits by the time you reach retirement age, your payments will switch to retirement benefits.

Because social security disability is intended to replace your regular income, it can be applied towards everything your regular income would be spent on. This includes bills, medical care, housing, groceries, and recreation. Often, your social security disability benefits will be less than your regular income. If you need assistance with medical expenses, housing, or other costs, you may be eligible to apply for other forms of assistance.

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