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How Can Your Attorney Help Your Denied SSDI Claim?

If your social security disability insurance (SSDI) claim has been denied, you may feel worried about how you will receive the benefits you deserve. You can appeal the decision, but not every appeal is successful. Your social security attorney may be able to help you build an effective appeal and fight for your benefits.

After your claim has been denied, you may request reconsideration, which will allow your claim to be reviewed again. You are able to submit further documentation to support your claim. If your claim is denied again, you are able to request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Your hearing with an ALJ is the best chance you have to fight for your claim, so it is important to prepare carefully for your hearing. At this hearing, you will be asked questions to provide the judge with a better understanding of your claim. It is likely that the judge will also request testimony from an expert medical witness and an expert vocational witness. You may also be required to provide one or two witnesses of your own to support your case.

Your attorney can help you prepare for your hearing. They may be able to help you document your medical expenses, doctor’s notes, and your inability to perform the tasks necessary for your work. Your medical records are critical to your case, and it is common that lawyers can receive them more quickly and can ensure that your records are up-to-date and complete. Your attorney can also request written opinions from your doctors to further support your claim. If your support for your claim is lacking, they may be able to request the necessary assessments from the Social Security Administration (SSA) to ensure that you have a record of your disability.

In addition to gathering and correcting your records, your lawyer can also help during the hearing. They can get you ready for your hearing and prepare you to answer questions with well-planned answers. They also can question witnesses during the trial. Your attorney can ask the questions that are necessary to support your case. They also will understand the importance of language used and will be able to use the appropriate language during their questioning. Your lawyer may also be familiar with the ALJ who will be at your hearing and can make sure that your case’s weaknesses and strengths are handled appropriately.

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