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Why Was My SSD Claim Denied?

Social Security Disability (SSD) provides financial support to individuals who are disabled and unable to maintain gainful employment. Under certain situations, your claim may be denied. It is helpful to know your options for seeking SSD benefits, and our office can help determine your eligibility for appealing your denial and receiving Social Security Disability payments.

Your SSD claim may be denied if:

  • Your application has errors. If your application for Social Security Disability benefits contains technical errors, it will be denied. This may involve missing information, inadequate medical records, typos, and other issues with the paperwork.
  • Your condition does not meet the requirements. In general, only those who are suffering from a chronic illness, or those with medical conditions or injuries lasting longer than 1 year that hinder them from maintaining gainful employment, may receive SSD benefits. Those who are blind may also receive SSD payments. If your condition is not severe or long-term, your claim may be denied.
  • Your disability is the direct result of alcohol or drug abuse. If you are unable to work primarily because of drugs or alcohol abuse, your claim may be denied. However, you may still be able to receive SSD benefits if alcohol or drugs are not the primary causing factor of your disability.
  • You don’t provide accurate contact information. If the SSA cannot get in touch with you to discuss your claim, it will likely be denied. It is important to update your phone number and mailing address so the SSA can contact you.

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