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Can I Apply for Social Security Benefits Without an Attorney?

It is possible to apply for social security disability (SSD) benefits without an representative, but you should be aware of the potential issues you may face if you choose to do so. Your claim is unique, but there are many factors that can affect the effectiveness of your claim. An experienced social security disability representative may be able to help you navigate and plan for problems before they can harm your claim.

Disability Claims Aren’t Equal

Your claim is unique. Your disability has a certain effect on your life and your ability to work. Many cases aren’t as straightforward as they seem, and if your injuries aren’t covered in the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) listing of impairments, you may want to get help from an experienced representative. You should be aware that some representatives won’t take a client until their claim has been denied already, so it is important to discuss your case with an representative that is willing to help you prove your claim before you are denied.

Supporting Your Claim

If you are applying for SSD benefits, you will need to provide documentation that supports your case. These can include extensive medical records, doctors’ testimonies, test results, and SSA evaluations. Your representative can request records from your doctor and can ensure that all records are submitted, up-to-date, and complete.

Help With Appeals

If your claim is denied, you will need to start the appeals process. You can contact an representative to help you with your appeal, but a representative who is already familiar with your case can help you far more quickly. Your representative can help you update your claim with new information, and can represent you in an appeal hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), if your case should require a hearing. In a hearing, your representative can question the witnesses. They also can help you prepare for the hearing.

If you are applying for social security disability benefits, you should get in touch with the experienced team at Disability Action Advocates. Our Las Vegas social security disability representatives can help you navigate the application process and help you build an effective case.

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