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What to Expect at a SSD Hearing

Social Security Disability can be crucial to a disabled person and his/her family. However, a person may be denied disability due to a number of reasons such as not having a disability that will restrict him/her from working. In these cases, a person is able to request a social security disability hearing. This will allow a person to appeal the denial before an administrative law judge. During this hearing, the ALJ will examine your claim and the medical evidence you have provided. The ALJ will make the decision based on answers you and vocational expert provide throughout the hearing.

Below is a list of things you can expect to happen during your SSD Hearing.

Note: A witness, vocational expert, or medical expert may be present at your hearing.

1.You and any persons participating in the hearing will be sworn in.

2.The judge will present your case along with the issues involved

3.The judge will ask you and witnesses about your medical condition such as

  • How does this ability affect your work?
  • Can you find a different branch of work related that will allow you to maintain employment?

4.The judge will ask the vocational expert whether a person with a disability such as yours is able to perform another job related to yours.

5.If the judge does not ask you questions, you may request the opportunity to speak.

6.The judge will examine the evidence and review the testimony.

Following the hearing, the judge issues a written decision that will declare the final decision. This decision will be sent to you. Although the decision recorded in the document is the judge’s final decision, you preserve the ability to further your appeal by requesting a review by the SSA Appeals Council.

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