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Why DAA?

Why DAA?

Over a Decade of Legal Experience

Disability Action Advocates has 20 years of experience in representing individuals who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits. We work with people of all types, from low income veterans to business owners, and we have won thousands of cases on behalf of our clients. If you are considering applying for disability benefits, contact us to handle the necessary steps, steps that can play a huge role in your case.

6 Ways That We Help You

Here at DAA, we know the timeline that must be followed for SSD benefits, and an attorney can provide you with services that include:

  1. Filing all necessary forms for your initial application, reconsideration, or hearing
  2. Reviewing all of your medical records and gathering all needed medical information
  3. Reviewing your Social Security file thoroughly to discover possible weaknesses and to determine what is needed in order to obtain a favorable decision in your case
  4. Help you through each step of the process so you will know what to expect and will be prepared
  5. Remind you of all doctor appointments you have with Social Security doctors
  6. Represent your case at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge

Most importantly, we will appeal your case if appropriate. We have experience handling cases that have been denied by the Social Security Administration for all types of reasons, and our team works tirelessly to build a strong, convincing case on your behalf. We are prepared to aggressively pursue the benefits that you deserve, so that you can avoid the financial strain that comes from being physically or mentally unable to work.

Protecting Disabled Persons' Rights

Filing for disability is something you can do on your own, but it is not recommended. The filing process is complex, and it may be a substantial amount of time before you receive a response. In addition, the majority of claims are denied. At DAA, we have the experience necessary to substantially increase the likelihood of a favorable decision in your case. We will aggressively pursue an approval to your claim, and if we are not successful, you will not be charged a fee.