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Veterans Disability

Can I Receive VA and SSD Benefits?

Wounded Warriors Social Security Disability Claims

Veterans of the United States military who receive disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs are also eligible for coverage under Social Security Disability Insurance. If you fall into this category, you can call us today to learn more about our options with our firm.

Disability Action Advocates does not handle VA disability claims at this time, but we are able assist you in filing for Social Security Disability benefits if you have a claim pending or are already receiving benefits through the VA.

VA Benefits vs. SSD Benefits

There are important differences between the benefits you can receive from the VA and the SSD program. If you are receiving VA benefits, you can file for SSD as well. Over the past 20 years, we have learned to get results, and we do not charge a fee until we have won your case.

About SSD Coverage for Veterans

Unlike VA disability benefits, there is no gradient scale of impairment. The Social Security Administration grants full coverage or no coverage, and you will not be rated as 60% disabled or 80% disabled. You must be able to prove that your condition will prevent you from working for a year or that it will result in death. If Disability Determination Services believes that you are able to find an alternative form of employment to meet your needs, you will be denied.

What do you receive as a veteran?

The SSA coordinates with the VA to provide expedited service to veterans seeking benefits under the Wounded Warriors program. There is no requirement that you received your disability in combat - only that it occurred during your active military service.

The Social Security Administration reports that over 9 million veterans receive benefits, and over 40% of SSD beneficiaries are veterans or family members of veterans. If you want to take advantage of the support that is available, we are ready to help you with your claim.