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Social Security Disability Process

Confronting the Social Security Disability Process

Completing the Social Security Disability benefits process can be daunting and if your claim is initially denied, as are approximately 70% of them, it gets even more difficult. Although individuals may by law complete the process on their own, at Disability Action Advocates, we don't recommend trying it.

The process of determining whether or not you will receive Social Security Disability benefits can be lengthy and complicated, at a time when you are probably still coping with a serious medical condition and may not have the energy or the concentration to devote your attention to the task. That's where we come in. The first step is the application process and over our 20 years of experience, we have helped countless people gather the documents and complete the forms necessary to filing an application with the Social Security Administration. If your claim is denied, we can get ready for the appeals and hearings that follow and continue working hard to help you obtain your benefits.

Commitment to Our Clients

Sticking with the process is vital to your success. Our attorneys, with over 20 years of helping people to get the benefits they so deserve, have developed a winning methodology that has helped us win thousands of cases over the years. We know that the good of your entire family may depend on how well we represent you, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

If you have had a devastating life change and are medically unable to continue working, you require the assistance of an experienced lawyer to help you attain the benefits you so badly need. We work with all types of people, from homeless vets to disabled business owners, and are passionate about supporting our communities through homeless outreach and mental health awareness fundraising. We sincerely care about our clients and invite you to schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your situation and determine how we can help you.