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Appeals and Hearings

SSDI Appeals and Hearings

Facing an appeal or a hearing?

If your application for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied, do not give up! Even in strong cases, the Social Security Administration (SSA) appears to deny if for no better reason than to hope that you will quit and they won't have to pay you benefits. The application process has several built-in levels of appeal, any of which can overturn the original decision and leave you with the benefits to which you are entitled. While enlisting an attorney's help early in the process is optimum for the smoothest and shortest road to success, you can still speak with an attorney even after your claim is denied. As soon as possible contact an experienced lawyer at Disability Action Advocates and let us get started with the appeals process so that you have the best chance of winning you case.

Different Levels of Appeal

The four levels of appeal in the Social Security Disability application process include:

  • Reconsideration: Claim review with very high denial rates
  • Hearing: Held before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ); claimant can appear with counsel and present evidence, call witnesses, answer questions; SSA will send letter with ALJ's decision
  • SSA Appeals Council Hearing: Brought if claimant disagrees with ALJ's decision; can appear with counsel; Council can deny the appeal, send case back to ALJ or hear/decide the case
  • Federal District Court Appeal: Attempt to file a lawsuit as a last recourse

Our attorneys have been helping individuals for the past 20 years in their efforts to get the benefits they deserve. It truly is not surprising to have your case denied initially. We are particularly skilled in the area of social security law. In fact, we are so dedicated to assisting people in obtaining their proper benefits and enjoying the protection of their rights that we have restricted our practice to Social Security Disability and supplemental security income cases only. Please schedule your free consultation with us immediately; you only have 60 days after an SSA denial to take action!