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Should I Hire an Attorney?

Benefits of Having Legal Representation

Should I hire an attorney?

Hiring an attorney to represent you during your claim for Social Security Disability benefits can make a significant difference in your life by increasing the likelihood that you will be approved for the coverage you need with a minimum of delay. It can also shield you from the confusion and frustration of attempting to navigate the complex Social Security Disability process on your own.

The Inspector General of the Social Security Administration has even recommended that applicants retain the services of a professional representative early in the application, because it can dramatically reduce the risk that a valid claim will be denied due to paperwork errors or a lack of sufficient documentation. The process of appeals and hearings not only makes the claimant wait months or years longer to receive benefits, it also costs the government money.

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The team of specialists at Disability Action Advocates can guide your claim through the approval process. You do not have to bring us a doctor's note to prove that you have a disability, because we have over 20 years of experience evaluating claims. If you have already received a letter denying your application, we can take over the process of appealing the claim. We will do all of the work to prepare your application, from requesting copies of your medical records and obtaining medical testimony related to your condition to completing the paperwork and checking the status of your claim.

A knowledgeable attorney can help you take the actions at the beginning of your claim which will make it more likely that you will be in the one third of all applicants who are approved after the initial application. If necessary, attorney John C. Boyden can represent you in a disability hearing before a judge. He is an AV® Rated attorney and is qualified to take your case all the way to Federal Court if that is what it takes to get your claim approved. One of the most important features of hiring an attorney is that we fight for you and are on your side. We will not charge you any fee until we win your case.