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SSD and SSI Myths

Looking at Common SSD and SSI Myths

If you are considering applying for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income but are not sure if this is the right solution, you may need more information. There is a considerable amount of false information about these programs, and many people who are qualified to receive support do not take action because of myths they have heard which give them an inaccurate picture of the situation.

Myth: SSA will deny your application the first time, every time. The denial rates for initial applications are high, approximately two thirds. Given the fact that millions of people apply to the Social Security Administration for benefits every year, there are quite a lot of people in the country who have experienced the frustration of having their application denied. But about a third of them are approved. We have the experience and knowledge of the system to help you increase your chances of success, and we can also carry the claim through the process of appeals and hearings.

Myth: I can't afford to hire an attorney to represent my claim. When you hire us, you will have the full benefit of our expertise and the dedication of our team of specialists on your side. You will have an AV® rated attorney to represent you in a disability hearing. Most importantly, we will not charge you until we win your case.

Myth: Some disabilities automatically qualify you for benefits. There are certain common medical conditions that the SSA has identified as being more likely to be eligible for benefits, but it is necessary in every case to prove that the claimant suffers from the condition to the degree that work is impossible. For example, diabetes is on the list, but many people with this condition will not be eligible for coverage. The Compassionate Allowance Program makes it possible to expedite claims for individuals with diseases that invariably qualify, but even under this program you will still have to provide full documentation.

Myth: You cannot receive SSD and SSI benefits at the same time. Provided that your income and financial resources are below a certain level, you will still be able to receive Supplemental Security Income. Some beneficiaries will be pushed above the income threshold by their Social Security Disability payments, but many people who receive SSI also receive SSD.