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Request Job History Summary

Requesting a Job History Summary

Before you can receive your Social Security Disability benefits, you may need to complete a job history summary. This work history report will help the Social Security Administration understand how your injury, illness or health condition affects your ability to do the work for which you are qualified.

Necessary Information: What is Required

To complete your job history summary, you will need to collect information about all of the jobs you held during the 15 years prior to becoming disabled. You will need to know the different skills you used, the kinds of work you did and the mental and physical requirements of each job you had. Enlist the help of a qualified attorney to help you manage your work history report.

The information you provide on your job history summary will be used by the Social Security Administration to make a decision about your case, and needs to be sent to the same state agency that requested it. Failing to provide all the requested information could delay your claim, or even make the SSA's decision inaccurate.

Your paperwork will also include a section where you may describe your condition in your own words. It is important to take advantage of this part, as it is an opportunity to include additional information that may influence the SSA in your favor. Disability Action Advocates will review all your medical records and help you write this portion of your job history summary so that it conveys the seriousness of your disability.

Social Security Benefits and Your Job History Summary

A work history report that is filled out completely and written effectively will help you get one step closer to getting the benefits you deserve. We will obtain the correct forms, complete all paperwork for you and make sure your file goes to the right place. Your Social Security Disability benefits are essential, and we are here to walk you through the entire application process. Remember, we do not take any payment from you until your case is won. If you need to request a job history summary, contact us immediately.