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Grid Eligibility

What Is Grid Eligibility?

Grid eligibility, also known as grid rules, is a group of factors that the Social Security Administration takes into consideration when determining disability awards. It is available for claimants who are over age 50 with a physical disability.

Factors for Each Case

The three ways to win Social Security Disability cases include:

  • Meeting a "listing", i.e., impairments sanctioned by the Social Security Administration
  • Showing that your functional capacity for work has been significantly reduced
  • Grid eligibility

In grid eligibility, you can line up each of these factors: age, educational background, employment skills and physical capacity for work in the form of a grid to determine whether you meet one of the rules. If you do, you are automatically grid eligible. It is important to remember, however, that you must be age 50 or older and have a physical type of impairment; the rules do not apply if you have a mental disability. By taking into account these factors, the SSA recognizes that older Americans with physical disabilities who are uneducated and untrained are significantly less likely to get unskilled jobs even if they can do the work.

Relentless Legal Help

We are intimately familiar with all of the ways to win disability cases. When assisting in the application process or in countering a denial, we take extra care to develop your case with sufficient supporting documentation so that the SSA will have no choice but to award you the benefits that you deserve. There is no up-front fee for our services; we do not get paid until we win.

If you believe that you meet grid criteria, please contact an experienced attorney today. At Disability Action Advocates, our 20 years of experience in helping clients win their Social Security Disability claims is a clear benefit to your case. Many people, including some SSA claim reps, aren't familiar with grid eligibility, and lose out on this as a way to win cases. Schedule a free consultation with us and we can fill you in on grid eligibility and how it may be used to win your case.