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Denial Rates

SSD Application Denial Rates

Average Number of Rejected Claims

The following are recent averages both nationwide and in the state of Nevada for Social Security Disability and supplemental security income claim denials. They represent denials at the initial application process and at reconsideration:

  • Nationwide: at application-67.6%; at reconsideration-86.2%
  • Nevada: at application-57.3%; at reconsideration-77.4%

In our experience, we have found that those individuals who win their cases early in the process and in Nevada that represents 32.4% of claim filers, were able to present to the Social Security Administration fully completed files showing that they met the SSA listing of impairments or were disabled under GRID rules. That is why it is so important to have a lawyer by your side as early in the process as possible. If you have submitted an incomplete file to the SSA, they will finish it for you and you can be sure that your chances of winning at the early stages of the process will be significantly lessened.

While the numbers may look somewhat bleak, every case is different and those that are committed to winning their cases and becoming knowledgeable about the law, or hiring an attorney to represent them, will have a much better chance at being awarded the benefits that are rightfully theirs.

Understanding Your Options

"Is everyone denied?' and "What are my chances of winning my case?" are frequently heard questions regarding the application process for Social Security Disability benefits. Are you wondering if you should apply or if it's even worth it to try? At Disability Action Advocates, we believe passionately in your right to receive the federal benefits that are due to you, and are equipped with the strategies to increase the chances of acceptance. If we are hired to represent you, we will fight to see that you are awarded the benefits that you deserve.

Please contact a qualified lawyer at your earliest opportunity to schedule a no-cost consultation with our legal team. We are experienced lawyers who have represented many people in similar circumstances to yours and would appreciate the opportunity to review your situation and determine your chances at winning your disability benefits case.