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Denied SSD Benefits

Denied SSD Benefits?

Reasons Why You May Have Been Denied

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration often denies claimants who are truly disabled. In fact, their initial rejection rate is over 60%. It is all too common that people with genuine disabilities are denied the benefits they need. An experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about Social Security Disability laws is often required to get claimants accepted. If you have been denied your Social Security Disability benefits, contact a lawyer for help today.

Common Errors with SSD Claims

After filing an appeal with the SSA, their acceptance rate jumps to over 80%. Remember that even though it may feel like your case is over, you still may be able to win your disability benefits. There are many reasons that your claim may have been initially denied. Your application may have included technical errors, and fortunately these can be fixed. Common reasons for a technical denial include missing medical records, lack of detailed information or other paperwork mistakes.

Do not risk losing your benefits because of a simple error. We always review all your medical records and gather every piece of medical information required. Every case we file is thoroughly checked for possible weaknesses, ensuring a high success rate. Do not let your initial rejection stop you from getting what you deserve. Our team is ready to begin working on your appeal today.

Disability Action Advocates - Fighting for SSD Benefits

Disability Action Advocates fights for you even after you have received a denial. Our experience with the SSA, their guidelines and disability laws gives us an advantage when working your case. We have won thousands of clients the disability benefits they deserved. After being denied, it is time to get professional help. The SSA is looking for claimants with disabilities severe enough to prevent them from obtaining gainful employment. We know how to make sure your application accurately reflects your impairments so that you meet SSA criteria.