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Claim Waiting Times

How Long Before You Receive Your Benefits?

Claim Waiting Times

One of the most pressing questions for Social Security Disability insurance applicants is "How long will I have to wait to get benefits?" First off, the Social Security Administration has instituted an automatic 5-month initial waiting period to ensure only those with long-term disabilities receive benefits. After that period, it generally comes down to the efficiency of the local SSA offices, as well as the amount of applications they receive. In the majority of SSDI cases, the applicant must appear before an administrative law judge before being awarded disability. In Nevada, the average wait time for a disability hearing before a judge is 443 days.

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Las Vegas has some of the longest disability claim wait times in the country. An SSDI lawyer, representing you through the entire application process and hearing, could help considerably speed up your acceptance of benefits. At Disability Action Advocates, we can ensure that proper paperwork is quickly gathered and submitted on your behalf, so that all unnecessary delays are avoided. We will thoroughly assess your situation and present your claim in the most favorable light. If you seek disability benefits, you are urged to contact a lawyer at once for proven SSDI guidance.

We can greatly improve your odds of getting awarded disability benefits, including on your first try. For 20 years, DAA has helped thousands of clients win their cases and get the help they needed. We offer a free consultation to answer any further questions you might have about the process. Our firm will ensure that nothing is overlooked regarding your claim, and will steadfastly pursue your maximum allowable benefits.