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  • What are My Social Security Disability Options as a Veteran?

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 4-Nov-2016

    Veterans of the United States military deserve thanks and compensation for their service to our country. Appreciation should be shown in all aspects of life, including what Social Security Disability benefits they can gain if they become too injured to find gainful employment. Indeed, through regular military service, a veteran could be wounded and unable to work. Despite this common ...
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  • Comparing Spousal Benefits to Survivor Benefits in SSD Packages

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 11-Oct-2016

    What happens when a person is receiving regular Social Security Disability benefit checks but reaches full retirement age (FRA) before their spouse also reaches FRA? What happens then if they pass away before their spouse reaches FRA? Would survivor benefits be better than spousal benefits at that point? All of these questions come together to reveal the true intricacy of Social Security ...
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  • Can I Lose My Disability Benefits?

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 15-Sep-2016

    Being approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be an uphill battle. But once it is completed and you are enjoying your benefits, you should be able to rest in knowing that you have those benefits for as long as you need them. Right? Not necessarily. There is nothing within SSD law that entitles a person to SSD benefits, or that ...
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  • SSDI Claims Involving Blindness or Deafness

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 5-May-2016

    Most people who file for Social Security Disability Insurance ( SSDI ) will do so after suffering a debilitating physical injury or serious illness. But there are cases in which someone’s failing senses renders them unable to perform regular work or hold onto steady employment. If you are experiencing hearing loss or problems with your eyesight, you may qualify for SSDI benefits and not even ...
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  • Cost of Living Adjustments to Social Security Disability Benefits

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 5-Apr-2016

    If you are receiving payments through Social Security Disability Insurance benefits just to get by, you probably already know that every penny counts. If you have been an American consumer for more than a couple years, you probably also know that the price of just about everything and anything has been steadily been rising each year for many years. This is known as inflation, or the rise of prices ...
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  • The Differences Between Medicaid and Medicare

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 2-Mar-2016

    When it comes to receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or insurance, many people may have two similar yet distinct options in the form of Medicare and Medicaid. Despite the widespread use of these government healthcare programs, not many people understand them, or are even aware that they are separate programs at all. Depending on a handful of crucial details, you could be eligible ...
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  • Can You Work and Still Receive Disability Payments?

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 1-Feb-2016

    Most people have a desire to work and make a living for themselves. Those who are recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) , however, may be unsure how their earnings will affect their disability payments. In many cases, those who are on disability can continue to work and still receive their benefit payments, though certain restrictions may apply. What is a Trial Work Period ...
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  • Why Should I Hire an SSD Lawyer?

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 7-Jan-2016

    Legal claims and cases of all sorts are notorious for being littered with legalese and legislation requirements that are intentionally worded to leave the average person in the dark. Taking a look at litigation surrounding Social Security Disability (SSD, or sometimes SSDI when insurance is in question) claims only magnifies the complications and potential issues. Not only does a typical SSD case ...
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  • Common SSD Qualifying Medical Conditions

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 1-Dec-2015

    As strange as it might seem, not every physical injury or ailment is going to qualify you for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, or sometimes called Social Security Disability insurance (SSDI). Those in charge of granting you SSD have some discretion over your case, able to give or deny benefits depending on the circumstances of your injury. Although there is no “set in stone” ...
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  • What You Need to Know Before Applying for SSD Benefits

    Posted By Disability Action Advocates || 6-Nov-2015

    Despite all of the technological advances that roll through every year, many people in all walks of life face considerable danger when performing their day-to-day duties at their workplace. From retail clerks climbing rickety stairs to put away freight to construction workers operating heavy machinery, everyone needs to be careful and safe at all times. If not, serious on-the-job injuries may ...
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